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Various Artists Discography 1960s

1960 Wally Fowler's All Nite Singing Gospel Concert Starday Records SLP-112): (Featured the Oak Ridge Quartet, Johnson Sisters, Florida Boys, Eva Mae LeFevre, and the Speer Family)

1961 Festival of RCA Victor Artists Volume Two Gospel Sing (RCA Victor/LPM-2330): I Wanna (The Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister); God Be With You (Jim Reeves); Tell Me The Old, Old Story (The Johnson Family Singers); I'm Riding Home (The Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister); I Heard God Today (Ted and Gloria Roe); Beautiful Isle Of Somewhere (The Blackwood Brothers); Every Time I Feel The Spirit (The Billy Graham Charlotte International Crusade Choir); Then I Met The Master (The Blackwood Brothers); Where No One Stands Alone (Don Gibson); Mansion Over The Hilltop (The Statesmen With Hovie Lister); Make Me A Blessing (Back to the Bible Broadcast Choir); Paradise Island (The Blackwood Brothers).

1962 Lloyd Orrell Presents The Northern States Quartet Convention (L & L Records?/6080-8229): Love Is Why (Speer Family); River Of Jordan (Florida Boys Quartet); I Want To Walk Just As Close As I Can (Weatherford Quartet); Ten Thousand Angels (Rebels Quartet); I Shall Not Be Moved (Harvesters Quartet); Dear Jesus Abide With Me (The Rangers); I've Been To Calvary (Golden Keys Quartet); What Will You Do (Oak Ridge Quartet); Follow Me (Speer Family); If I Can Help Somebody (Big Jim Waits); If Jesus Hadn't Died For Me (Prophets Quartet); It's Different Now (Weatherford Quartet); At The Roll Call (Florida Boys Quartet); He'll Pilot Me (Speer Family).

1963 All-Night Sing (RCA Camden/CAL-767): The Man Upstairs; I've Heard About A City (The Blackwood Brothers Quartet); The Sweetest Story Ever Told (Stuart Hamblen); On The Sea Of Galilee; The Church In The Wildwood (The Original Carter Family); Faith Unlocks The Door (The Statesmen Quartet With Hovie Lister); Sermonette (The Statesmen Quartet With Hovie Lister); What Would You Do (Porter Wagoner); God's Love (The Speer Family); Til The Last Leaf Shall Fall (The Speer Family).

1963 Lloyd Orrell Presents The Second Northern States Quartet Convention Featuring (Skylite Records/SRLP-6005): Bell Of Joy Keep Ringing (Blackwood Brothers); I'll Be Ready (The Ambassadors); He Cared That Much For Me (The Tennesseans Quartet); The Rainbow Of Love (Big Jim Waits); From Now On; If The Lord Wasn't Walking By My Side (The Speer Family); I'm In Love With Jesus (The Golden Keys Quartet); Hide Thou Me (The Statesmen Quartet With Hovie Lister); Crossing Chilly Jordan (The Toney Brothers); Just To Live With My Faith (The Rangers); Each Step I Take; It's Different Now (The Oak Ridge Quartet).

1963 The National Gospel Quartet Convention (RCA Victor/LSP-2728): The Blackwood Brothers/Iím Free Again; Iíll Be All Right Someday; The Stamps Quartet/I Found The Way; The Love Of God; The Oak Ridge Quartet/Jesus Is The Reason; When I Come To The End Of The Road; The Statesmen Quartet/Iím Saved And I Know That I Am; Trying To Get A Glimpse (Of My Lord); The Kingsmen Quartet/This Is A Mean World; Iím Looking For Jesus; The Speer Family/When I Think Of Calvary; Letís Make A Joyful Noise; All Quartets And Audience/Amazing Grace. (re-issued in 1974 as Let's Make A Joyful Noise on RCA Camden ACL1-0573).

1964 The Best Of Quartets All-Night Sing, Vol. 2 (RCA Camden/CAs-832(e)): I Get Happy (The Blackwood Brothers Quartet); Gathering Flowers For The Master's Bouquet ( Stamps-Baxter Quartet); The Bible Tells Me So (Weatherford Quartet); The Church In The Wildwood (The Harmoneers Quartet); Up Above My Head (The Statesmen Quartet With Hovie Lister); Who Do You Think (The Statesmen Quartet with Hovie Lister); Angels Rock Me To Sleep (Stamps-Baxter Quartet); His Hands (Weatherford Quartet); Rock Of Ages (The Harmoneers Quartet): Dear Lord, Remember Me (The Blackwood Brothers Quartet).

1964 Skylite Hi-lites (StatesWood Records/SW-402): I'll Lose My Blues In Heaven (Oak Ridge Quartet); I've Got Jesus In Me (Oak Ridge Quartet); A Million Years From Now (Speer Family); Crossing Chilly Jordan (Speer Family); Just To Live With My Faith In God (Rebels Quartet); My God Will Rock Me (Rebels Quartet); A Place Called Paradise (Stamps Quartet); It's Different Now (Stamps Quartet); Show Me The Way (Harvesters Quartet); Until You Find The Lord (Harvesters Quartet); I'll Never Be Lonely (Kingsmen Quartet); Jesus Is The Reason (Jr. Blackwood Brothers).

1964 TV Requests (StatesWood Records/SW-404): I'm Free Again (Blackwood Brothers); Give The World A Smile (Blackwood Brothers); New Born Feeling (Statesmen Quartet); Jesus Fills My Every Need (Statesmen Quartet); Keep Me (Speer Family); Is My Lord Satisfied With Me (Speers Family); Our Debts Will Be Paid (Oak Ridge Quartet); Guide My Feet (Oak Ridge Quartet); Sorry I Never Knew You (Rebels Quartet); From Now On (Rebels Quartet); When I Come To The End Of The Road (Stamps Quartet); I'm Gonna See Heaven (Stamps Quartet).

1964 More Wally Fowler All Nite Singing Concert Starday Records SLP-301): (Featured the Oak Ridge Quartet, the Blue Ridge Quartet, Lee Roy & Shorty, the Harmoneers Quartet, the Johnson Sisters, the Sons Of Song, the Lee Roy Abernathy Quartet, and the Bond Sisters).
1964 Old-Time Family Religion (Speer Family, Johnson Family, Carter Family) (RCA Camden/816)

1965 Gospel Singing Jubilee (Canaan Records/CA-4602/CAS-9602): Jubilee (Jubilee Choir); You've Got To Move (The Happy Goodman Family); Standing By The River (The Florida Boys); In Times Like These (Dale Shelnut & Jubilee Choir); Swing Down Chariot (The Couriers); Many Miles Behind Me (Hal Kennedy & The Dixie Echoes); It Is No Secret (Daune Nicholson & Jubilee Choir); Great Gettin' Up Mornin' (The Florida Boys); I Love To Tell The Story (The Couriers); Just One Rose Will Do (Coy Cook & Jubilee Choir); I'm Saved (The Dixie Echoes); I Need No Mansion (The Happy Goodman Family); How Great Thou Art (Rusty Goodman & Jubilee Choir).

1966 Gospel Singing Jubilee Volume II (Canaan Records/CA-4618/CAS-9618): Don't Try To Tell Me (Happy Goodmans); Living By Faith (Dixie Echoes); No I'll Never Be Lonely (Florida Boys); Take My Hand, Precious Lord (Jubilee Choir); Prisoner Of Love (Florida Boys); This World Is Not My Home (Happy Goodmans); Crying Holy Unto The Lord (Florida Boys); Unafraid (Hal Kennedy & Dixie Echoes); If You Know The Lord (Glen Allred & Jubilee Choir); Sweeter Each Day (Dixie Echoes); Down By The Riverside (Vestal Goodman & Jubilee Choir).

1968 America's Gospel Classics (Canaan Records/CA-4650/CAS-9650): The Old Country Church (The Blackwood Brothers); His Eye Is On The Sparrow (The Blue Ridge Quartet); We're Gonna Rise Up And Meet Him (The Chuck Wagon Gang); How Much Further Can We Go (The Dixie Echoes); This Heart Of Mine (The Florida Boys); Then The Answer Came (The Imperials); Who Am I (The LeFevres); I'm Going Home With Jesus (The Oak Ridge Quartet); Love Is The Key (The Rebels Quartet); Mama's Teaching Angels How To Sing (The Singing Rambos); He Touched Me (The Speer Family); When I Get To Heaven (The Stamps Quartet); Sweeter As The Days Go By (The Statesmen Quartet); Willie McNeill (Wendy Bagwell And The Sunliters).

1969 Gospel Classics Volume 2 (Canaan Records CAS-9659).

1969 Gospel Time Ė Happy Time! (Canaan Records CAS-9671): I've Been Changed (Steve Sanders); I Must Tell Jesus (The Stamps Quartet); That's Gospel Brother (The Statesmen Quartet); The Road Leads Home (The Rebels Quartet); I Feel Like Travelin' On (The LeFevres); I Know Who Holds Tomorrow (The Dixie Echoes); Road to the Valley (Wendy Bagwell & The Sunliters); I'm Goin' Home (The Thrasher Brothers); Have Faith and Keep On Moving (The Imperials); I'm Gonna Leave Here Shoutin' (The Singing Rambos); Power In the Blood (The Florida Boys); The Road That Leads to Heaven (The Oak Ridge Boys); Miracle of Miracles (The Speer Family); Did You Ever Go Sailin' (The Blackwood Brothers); Why Should I Worry Or Fret (The Downings); Battle Hymn of the Republic (The Blue Ridge Quartet).

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